Ongoing projects:

UAB Baltic home develops and implements original product solutions (non-technological innovation) model

Tool : Creative Checks COVID-19
Project budget: EUR 51 200.00 (for the European Regional Development Fund) funding: EUR 30,000.00)
Project funding: Funded by the European Regional Development Fund as a European Union response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Project duration: 12 months
Project goal: To encourage businesses to use actors in the creative and cultural industries innovative services and the development and implementation of design and marketing innovation.
Project Activity: Original development of product solutions (non - technological innovations) and installation.

From 2021 In December, UAB Baltic home is implementing the project “Development of original product solutions (non-technological innovations) and installation no. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-861-01-0528 “


Tool : Industrial Digitization EN
Project budget: 8 287 000,00 EUR
Funding allocated: EUR 2 900 000.00
Project start: 2020-11-12
End of project: 2023-09-01
Project Objective: Implement the digitization of the company's production processes, creating conditions productivity growth
Project activities:

  • The company's activities in recent years have been reoriented, created new production units, integrated new production processes. Supply and production chain chains are currently being formed, invested in adapting the premises to modern production.
  • During the technological audit, the company was recommended to implement comprehensive measures covering the entire production of furniture panel line by installing additional automated CNC machines, advanced video recognition and artificial intelligence technology-based scanning and sorting units, automated conveyors. The existing production facilities of the furniture panel workshop the devices must be integrated into the newly designed line.

The project is being implemented: in the company's production facilities Sodų st. 13, Žeimiai, Jonava district.

Implementing this the business plan contributes directly to Smart Specialization implementation of the priority axes, the most of which are “Flexible technological systems for product development and production ”.

Funding: from the European Regional Development Fund
Project Executor: Baltic Home UAB


Project goal: To reduce the negative impact of the company environmental impact. digitization of processes, enabling work Productivity Growth
Project Activities:

  • Installed and certified by Environmental Management under the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.
  • The main products of the company are ecological design throughout their life cycle.

Project duration: 18 months
Project value EUR 81,341
Funding: from European Regional Development Fund
Project Promoter:
UAB “Baltic home”


Project Objective: Digitize existing devices during installation smart sensors; installation of terminal workstations; implementation of an operational business management system; one of the furniture full automation of panel production equipment; company production full completion of the process by implementing the currently missing, automated equipment - a robotic painting line as well programmable woodworking machines.
Project duration: 36 months
Project value EUR 5,956,850
Funding: from European Regional Development Fund
Project Promoter:
UAB “Baltic home”


Tool : Design LT
Within the framework of this project, it is planned to create 3 unique furniture lines sets of designs consisting of table, chair:

  • Massive oak imitation furniture with a layer of wood chips;
  • Ultra light wooden furniture;
  • Luxury wooden office furniture.

The company has made significant investments in the last 2 years installation of furniture production lines. The company begins to produce a variety of wooden furniture and components, resulting in brands of these products the need to create a design. company engaging in international furniture has seen a clear need for new furniture designs at exhibitions and is having established basic design guidelines for new products.

  • The design will be created for new, original furniture.
  • The design solution will be developed through external design company.

Project duration: 12 months.
Project value: EUR 60,000
Funding allocated: EUR 30,000
Funding: from the European Regional Development Fund
Project Executor: Baltic Home UAB