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We produce various furniture components, solid wood furniture as well as glued or finger jointed panels. Many years of professional experience in furniture production allow us to offer the highest quality services, competitive prices and a flexible delivery. 

We provide:
• Solid/ finger-jointed panel production services
• Milling
• Turning
• Plate cutting 
• Painting (oiling/staining) services
Efficient and accurate devices such as 5 axis CNC centres allow us to maintain accuracy and precision as well as handle large product quantities in every furniture part as its made. Wood turning CNC centre allows us to produce asymetric parts and at the same time performs required drillings. Drilling machinery with multiple spindles helps us to perform a number of holes at the same time and also produce same pattern and same size of the hole in a number of workpiece

Solid and glued wood processing

Depending on the complexity of the part and the size of the order, sanding is performed both automatically and manually. Automatic painting line allows us to process large quantity orders and finish the products of the very highest quality with the required surface gloss.

Finishing of furniture components

Board cutting centers with automatic loading allows us to proces high volume orders, shapes and sizes can be cut as per customers requirements.

Board processing

Components can be made from solid wood and glued wood work pieces. The available equipment gives us flexibly to suit every customer.

Solid wood components

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